What is Stovetop Smoking?

What is Stovetop Smoking?

Stovetop smoking is a cooking process that allows everyone to create the great taste of smoked food in their own kitchen. Stovetop smoking is a quick and easy way to add smoke flavor to food without requiring an outdoor smoker, without adding any fat, sodium or cholesterol, and without adding cooking time. You simply use this specialized cooking vessel to add a smoked flavor to food you were already planning to cook.

One of my favorite simple smoker meals is Smoked Chicken Tenders with BBQ sauce. I set up the smoker, which takes only a minute or two, put the tenders in it, and set it over the heat. The chicken will take about 30 minutes to cook, and requires no additional attention during that time, so I am free to prepare any one of my favorite side dishes (such as rice pilaf and a simple garden salad). It is a perfect weeknight companion when I want to make a quick and healthy dinner after a long day at work.

Stovetop smoking is a versatile process, and can be used on foods not normally associated with smoking. More adventurous cooks, like my brother, can take this to a whole new level. He makes a delicious smoked applesauce by smoking apple quarters in the smoker rather than cooking them in a saucepan (this goes great with Smoked Pork Chops). He also developed a recipe for Smoky Fish Chowderthat is out of this world. In all of these recipes, no extra fat, sodium or cholesterol is added, just a delicious smoky flavor.

Stovetop smoking offers a variety of ways to add great flavor to your cooking and to add flair to your existing recipes. I love stovetop smoking because it is simple to do after a long day and doesn’t add any extra work to preparing dinner. People who have more time to cook during the week, like my brother, can use the smoker to put delicious twists into their favorite recipes. Stovetop smoking is flavor without compromise.

To learn more about the differences between stovetop smoking and outdoor smoking see my article titled: Stovetop vs Outdoor Smoking

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