Common Concerns

The idea of using a smoker inside your house likely raises questions about safety and the effects of the smoke. This is perfectly natural. Based on our experience, and our discussions with other cooks using stovetop smokers, we can address these issues.

Is stovetop smoking safe?
Yes, when used as directed a stovetop smoker is as safe as any other appliance. The wood chips that generate the smoke are placed in the bottom of the smoker, with the drip pan placed directly on top. When the lid is closed, air cannot move through and dislodge the smoldering chips, which is the biggest concern.

Will stovetop smoking set off my smoke alarm?
No. The amount of smoke that is given off by the smoker is very slight, less than burned food. We have never had the alarm go off while using our smokers. In fact, we never see the smoky haze that can happen when something burns.

Will my house smell like smoke?
There can be a lingering smoky aroma after using the stovetop smoker, which can last for a day or two. Using a vent fan while cooking will reduce the smoky aroma.

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