About Us

We are two brothers who love to eat. Our shared passion for tasty food has inspired us to experiment with new ingredients and cooking methods. One thing that we especially enjoy is slow smoked barbecue. Unfortunately Dave lives in a small apartment in New York City without the space to use (or even store) a conventional smoker. Dan owns a house in suburban Massachusetts, but, between his work schedule and the relatively short season of smoker friendly weather, has no time to use a conventional smoker on a regular basis.

The discovery of stove-top smoking has been a revelation to us. Now that it’s so easy to smoke our own food indoors, we are cooking up tasty smoked treats several times a week. A good-natured rivalry has developed between us, where we’re always looking to tweak recipes and outdo each other in the kitchen. Dan tends to shorten recipes so he can have a home cooked meal after coming home from the office. Dave works from home, so he explores more adventurous recipes that may take more time but are huge on flavor.

Stovetopsmoking.com is a place for us to share our newfound passion for stovetop smoking, and the recipes we’ve created by drawing on their years of home cooking experience, with the world. Come in and look around, try out some recipes, and let us know what you think. We’re always looking for new ideas, so don’t be afraid to share your stovetop smoking discoveries with us too.

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